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A Heritage Defender is the ultimate expression of you. Whatever it is that inspires you... our design team has designed and developed the most beautiful high quality products for the new Land Rover Defender & Range Rover.

World’s first new Defender 130 pick up


ntroducing the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship – the coachbuilt Heritage Customs Pickup. Born from a legacy of excellence and designed in-house with meticulous attention to detail, this bespoke masterpiece is a true testament to the art of automotive customization that Heritage Customs is known for over the years.

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We help our clients with collecting and composing the right colours and materials for their ultimate Defender.

Heritage Customs

We believe that your car is the last few square meters that are totally yours, so let’s make it worthwhile!
Unbound - exterior decal pack
Unbound - exterior decal pack
Sale price€1.390,00
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Valiance - interior pack fresh & funky
Valiance - interior pack fresh & funky
Sale priceFrom €7.550,00

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