The Valiance is the Heritage Customs concept for a more heroic version of the Defender. And a Heritage Customs Valiance is the ultimate expression of you.

The Heritage Customs concept for the Valiance is based on the world’s most iconic new 4x4.

The Valiance Convertible is a one-of-five limited edition coachbuilt motorcar for 2022, made exclusively as an open top vehicle. It is based on the 90 body style and avilable in three carefully curated colour schemes. The new Valiance Convertible features bespoke wheels, special paints and unique exterior details

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The journey starts here! Your Heritage Customs Valiance Convertible is available in individually tailored and carefully curated colour schemes, we have made 3 as a source of inspiration for designing yours, inspired by beautiful beaches and the Land Rover brand heritage: Valiance Convertible Côte d’Azur, Valiance Convertible Solihull Sand and last but not least Valiance Convertible Kokkini Paralia.

The Valiance Convertible is coachbuilt by craftspeople and based on the Land Rover Defender. Each of the first generation Convertible conversions will feature a semi-electric roof, Magic Metal packs for interior and exterior and handmade enamel Heritage Customs logo’s on side and back


Looking back and thinking of the iconic classic Defender, you would probably picture a convertible instantly. That charming soft top, still boasting the rough looks and featuring all capabilities of a true Land Rover 4x4, is the fundament of the Valiance Convertible.

Open air driving takes on a new persona in this one of five bespoke Convertible. As well as the bold silhouette you’ve come to expect, the Heritage Customs Valiance Convertible roof takes craftmanship one step further. Exclusive to this vehicle is the hand-stitched hood and tonneau cover.

The first edition coachbuilt Convertibles will be limited to 5 unique Defenders and will be handmade in 2022. On the next pages you will find the three carefully curated concepts from which you can draw inspiration to design yours. We’ll also outline how you can reserve your very own Valiance Convertible


At this stage prices are based on indicative estimates and personal wishlist. However we can say that the semi coachbuilt convertible conversion will cost approximately 90k euro, excl vat.

The conversion costs will include the following:

- coachbuilt proces: taking the roof of the Defender - custom soft top, semi electric
- Heritage Customs wheels and tires
- full interior conversion

- Heritage Customs sportseats (excluding Solihull Sand) - Magic Metal pack
- unique decals and emblems
- warranty

You will own of a genuine and unique coachbuilt Defender; the Valiance Convertible.

Valiance Convertible - Côte d’Azur
Valiance Convertible - Côte d’Azur
Sale price€78.500,00
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Stage 1:

Reserving slot and selection model contract and deposit / first payment

Stage 2:

complete disassembly donor car
measuring donor Defender
cutting the donor car + reinforcements body coachbuilding new body and hood mechanism

(re-)painting of the part or full body if required upholstering new interior
upholstering hood
second payment

Stage 3:

photoshoot and videoshoot test mileage
hand over
third and final payment

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