sometimes you just want more

Software activations

We can activate hidden features on your New Defender. These features generally share the same hardware as others so it's simply as easy as a software activation. 

Rest assured


Unfortunately you might not be the only one who likes your Defender. Therefore we offer the possibility to fit a certified alarm and tracking system.

Configure & order


Via our international network we can help finding the right car for you. Also we can order the Defender with all the specifications you would like and we help with configuring the right one.

Import & export


We have imported and exported several cars and if you are located in Europe or the Middle East we would be happy to help. You can send us your request and we will start looking for you. Also shipping can be arranged.

Financing & maintenance


For our Dutch customers we provide a netto operational lease product and maintenance program. You can choose the amount of downpayment, length of the contract and we will help you getting the best deal.